Tree Removal

Tree felling is an original Swenson trade. I started out doing tree removals when I was ten years old; fast-forward a few decades and it's still my passion.  Every tree is different and should be handled with care.  I make sure to be on every job so the removal goes smoothly. 


storm damaged tree removal

In the unfortunate even that you have a tree damage your property we are always quick to respond to take care your needs.  We work closely with you and your insurance adjustor to make sure the tree is removed quickly and safely. 

Stump Removal

No need to feel burdened by that ugly stump. We have the means to properly remove it so that other trees and plants can flourish!



Tree Trimming 

Tree trimming is periodically required to remove large overhanging limbs  in order to protect your personal property and family. 


When to Trim

The best time to trim is in the fall, winter and early spring.  At that point the tree has already internalized its sugars and does not require leaves.